CFA's Himalayan Grand Champions, 2009-2010 season

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Cats listed in blue colored cells are males,
cats listed in pink colored cells are females.

2009-2010 - 56 Grands
Name Color Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GC A Booster Shot Flame Point 5-23-2009  
GC Babycat's Bad Boy Blue Point 4-17-2010  
GC Belogorie Sexual Cake Tortie Point 4-3-2010  
GC Berryhill's Blast Off Flame Point 5-9-2009
GC Blue Poem's Mystic Charm of Mipaws Flame Lynx Point 5-2-2009
GC Burnbrae's Tristan Seal Point 3-27-2010  
GC Cashelcatrua Grainne Cream Point 12-12-2009  
GC Catbery Tail's Butterscotch Krimpet Cream Point 1-17-2010
GC Catbery Tail's Hot Lips Flame Point 1-2-2010
GC Catbery Tail's Snowshoe of Mewmaws Cream Point 7-4-2009
GC Catsafrats Early Bird Cream Point 7-18-2009
GC Celebrities' Faith Hill of Ahmischi Blue-Cream Point 8-16-2009
GC Countrygal Brody of A Kitkat Blue Point 2-27-2010
GC Countrygal I've Been Flamed Flame Point 3-20-2010
GC Cuddle-Paws Pesto Tortie Point 1-16-2010
GC Cue-T-Paws Milani Blue-Cream Point 3-6-2010
GC Dal-Bo's Abigail of Burnbrae Seal Point 5-24-2009  
GC Dal-Bo's Carley Blue-Cream Point 5-9-2009  
GC Gavrucha Beautiful Dream Seal Lynx Point 11-14-2009  
GC Grovewood Strawberry Shortcake Flame Point 6-20-2009
GC Himikits Roxanne Seal Point 11-7-2009
GC Inthewind Invinceable of Cacao Seal Point 4-24-2010
GC Karabel Sugar Coated Blue-Cream Point 5-23-2009  
GC Karabel's Heart Breaker Flame Point 10-24-2009
GC Karabel's Pocket Full-Of-Sunshine Cream Point 4-17-2010  
GC Kittystone's Starla Tortie Point 3-13-2010
GC Lil Luv Lyns Nutter Butter Flame Point 4-3-2010
GC Luba'Cats You Can Trust Me Flame Point 10-3-2009  
GC Lucky Cat's Sole Mio of Sulltans Flame Point 10-3-2009
GC Maskado's Make-My-Day Cream Point 3-20-2010
GC Merripaws Michaleen Flynn Flame Point 5-3-2009  
GC Nahfoura's A Rose In Winter Flame Point 2-21-2010
GC Nahfoura's Kiss From A Rose Blue-Cream Point 12-12-2009
GC Oak Branch Epic Seal Point 5-3-2009
GC Oak Branch Hot Cakes of Jude Flame Point 9-12-2009
GC Oak Branch Love Story Tortie Point 8-22-2009
GC Prancenpaws Cayce of Burnbrae Tortie Point 1-9-2010
GC Prancenpaws Jessie of Kitt N Boots Tortie Point 2-6-2010
GC Prancenpaws Musetta of Kitt-N-Boots Blue-Cream Point 4-17-2010
GC Prancenpaws Piano Man Flame Point 9-6-2009
GC Purr-Majik Hot Topic Flame Point 12-12-2009
GC Purr-Majik Notoriety Seal Point 3-6-2010
GC Purr-Majik So Exciting Seal Point 2-6-2010
GC Purrs-Of-Luv Blissfully Jazzd Laycee Cream Lynx Point 11-28-2009
GC Purrstar Moonlit Magic of O'Panache Flame Lynx Point 9-19-2009
GC Purrstar's Heavenly Joy Tortie Lynx Point 1-30-2010
GC SanFrancesco Elmer Lover Boy Cream Point 12-5-2009
GC St.Jude Sade Flame Point 12-12-2009
GC, RW Sulltans Seize The Curtain Calls Tortie Point 5-2-2009
GC Sulltans Seize The Rave Reviews Seal Point 7-4-2009  
GC Sulltans Splash Gordon Flame Point 12-5-2009  
GC Tomorow's Daydream Believer Tortie Point 10-10-2009
GC Tomorow's Music And Lyrics Blue-Cream Point 2-20-2010
GC, RW Tomorow's Rafa Seal Lynx Point 7-18-2009
GC Whisperwood ShineOn! of Kingdomkatz Flame Lynx Point 1-16-2010
GC Wordsworth Panorama Flame Point 6-6-2009  


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