CFA's Himalayan Grand Champions, 1999-2000 season

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Cats listed in blue colored cells are males,
cats listed in pink colored cells are females.

1999-2000 - 90 Grands
Name Color Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GC Brigantina Headline of Whisperwood Seal Lynx Point 3-4-2000
GC Brigantina's Ice & Fire of Sochi Flame Point 12-11-1999  
GC Brigantina's Jolly of Luvhaven Seal Point 4-8-2000  
GC Brigantina's Journey of Principal Seal Point 12-25-1999  
GC Brigantina's Misha of Oakheaven Seal Lynx Point 1-29-2000
GC Cajungems Daydream Believer of Teahs Cream Point 11-27-1999  
GC Canuck's Old-Blue-Eyes Cream Point 9-18-1999  
GC Careyata's Lover Boy Blue Point 4-15-2000  
GC Careyata's Skydancer Blue Point 9-11-1999  
GC Careyata's Starstruck of Mistekatz Flame Point 5-15-1999  
GC Catipurrn's Lady Victoria Blue Point 10-16-1999  
GC Catley Crue's Candle In The Wind Seal Lynx Point 11-13-1999  
GC Cedarcliff's Designed For Rhythm Seal Point 9-18-1999
GC Chakebec Gatrie Blue-Cream Point 2-19-2000  
GC Countrygal My Lips Are Sealed Seal Lynx Point 7-24-1999  
GC Croshka's Angelique of Felindia Blue Point 10-20-1999
GC Cuddle-Paws Carmeline Tortie Lynx Point 5-22-1999
GC Darling Purs Bright Sparkle Seal Point 4-29-2000  
GC Doralin's Starman Flame Point 12-11-1999  
GC Elking's Anastasia of Purrmates Tortie Point 7-10-1999  
GC Elking's Surprise of Dal-Bo Cream Point 12-11-1999  
GC Everclassic's D'Iva Flame Point 5-1-1999  
GC Famous Ladybird Flame Point 3-18-2000  
GC Fullmoon's Cool Cash Blue Point 2-5-2000
GC Fur Pleasure's Almond Joy Seal Point 10-2-1999  
GC Fur Pleasure's Darth Sidious Seal Point 12-11-1999  
GC Fur Pleasure's Endor Blue Point 8-28-1999  
GC Fur Pleasure's Wampa Blue-Cream Point 4-22-2000  
GC Globe's Yuffy Tortie Point 1-15-2000  
GC Hardrock's Cowboy Junkie of Vonguts Seal Point 7-31-1999  
GC Inuit Aye Aye Blue-Cream Point 10-16-1999  
GC Jasea's Earl's Girl of Le Club Fur Seal Point 3-25-2000
GC Jetset Fasten Ur Seatbelt of Teahs Blue-Cream Point 1-15-2000
GC Jetset Frequent Flier of Teahs Blue-Cream Point 2-26-2000  
GC Jetset's Out-Of-The Blue Blue-Cream Point 2-5-2000  
GC Kalypso's Line Dancer Blue Lynx Point 5-8-1999
GC Kalypso's Snow Angel of Cuddle-Paws Blue-Cream Point 6-5-1999
GC Karabel's Pikachu Flame Point 1-22-2000  
GC Karabel's Tessa Rose of Chelcecats Flame Point 4-15-2000  
GC Keepers Little Piece-Of-My Heart Cream Lynx Point 7-3-1999  
GC Keepers Megula of Teahs Cream Point 3-25-2000  
GC Kisicats Beverly Anne Seal Lynx Point 10-30-1999  
GC Kisicats Grace Blue Point 9-25-1999  
GC Kitty Charm All Dolled Up Seal Point 7-10-1999  
GC Kitty Charm Magnetic Seal Point 8-28-1999  
GC Kittyport Shadow Chaser Seal Point 7-3-1999  
GC Kittystone Hero-Of-The Day of Cozy Blue Point 4-22-2000  
GC Kurtn Klimer's Chasing Rainbows Blue-Cream Point 3-18-2000  
GC Le Club Fur Ariel of Nile Lotus Seal Point 10-30-1999
GC Le Club Fur Dewiz Seal Point 3-11-2000
GC Luvhaven Bailey of Morganhill Seal Lynx Point 12-4-1999  
GC M's Mew Waldstein Seal Lynx Point 3-11-2000  
GC Madame Nu's Gold Lust Flame Point 11-13-1999  
GC Mollycoddled Bojangles of Ahmischi Blue Lynx Point 7-10-1999  
GC Montesol Hot Phlash Flame Point 6-5-1999
GC Mountcascade's Forever In My Heart Flame Point 3-4-2000  
GC Mountcascade's Jealous Heart Cream Point 4-29-2000  
GC Mountcascade's Secret Love Cream Point 4-15-2000  
GC Oakheaven's Beauty Line Tortie Lynx Point 1-15-2000
GC Oakheaven's Star Line Seal Lynx Point 8-21-1999  
GC Operacats L'italiana In Algeri Blue-Cream Point 9-4-1999  
GC Operacats The Gypsy Baron Flame Point 1-22-2000  
GC Pacific Purr's Kahlua N Creme Seal Point 6-12-1999  
GC Perdcats Cherries Jubilee Flame Point 5-8-1999
GC Perdcats Rockin Robin of Sumiyo Seal Point 9-18-1999
GC Playwickey's Flirty Flirty Eyes Seal Point 1-15-2000
GC Playwickey's Yankee Clipper Flame Point 9-18-1999
GC Prancenpaws Patience Flame Point 4-8-2000  
GC Protege's Indy of Kittystone Seal Point 9-25-1999  
GC Purringwood's Shandell of Sangralee Seal Point 4-8-2000  
GC Purrpals Precious Cream Point 4-8-2000  
GC Purrpals Victory Cream Point 2-12-2000
GC Rainyday Skywalker Cream Point 3-11-2000  
GC Sandleys Casino Chocolate Point 2-19-2000  
GC Sezanne's Doubleshot of Tanglebox Cream Point 3-25-2000  
GC Sulltans Share The Fantasy Flame Point 4-8-2000  
GC Sulltans Spoonful O Sugar Flame Point 2-19-2000  
GC Sulltans Summer Son Seal Point 6-19-1999  
GC Sunval Lil' Darlin' Tortie Point 3-4-2000
GC Tanglebox's Bubbly Tortie Point 9-18-1999  
GC Teahs Follow Your Heart of Doriel Blue-Cream Point 3-11-2000  
GC Teahs Heart-Of-The Ocean Blue Point 8-7-1999
GC Teahs Melody-Of-My Heart Blue Point 4-15-2000
GC Teahs Winters' Frost Blue Point 6-12-1999  
GC Tranquility Pinstriped Purrfection Blue Lynx Point 8-28-1999  
GC Varajuan's Jalapeno Blue-Cream Lynx Point 10-16-1999  
GC Vonguts Riseing Sun Flame Point 9-25-1999  
GC Whisperwood's Harvest-Of-Fire Flame Point 8-28-1999  
GC Whisperwood's Praline Seal Lynx Point 6-5-1999  
GC Wildrosewind Juliet of Mountcascade Seal Lynx Point 1-15-2000  


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