CFA's Himalayan Grand Champions, 2004-2005 season

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Cats listed in blue colored cells are males,
cats listed in pink colored cells are females.

2004-2005 - 76 Grands
Name Color Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GC Anointed4him Visions-Of-Rapture Tortie Point 3-12-2005  
GC Blueskyeyes Like Magic Flame Point 9-4-2004  
GC Cacao Pearly White Tortie Point 10-9-2004
GC Catbery Tail's Dew Drop Blue Lynx Point 1-22-2005  
GC Catsafrats Tea Time Cream Point 5-8-2004
GC Choc'Sugaw Saura Lilac-Cream Point 7-17-2004  
GC Chomalyn Romeo Seal Point 10-9-2004  
GC Co-Bridge Oh What A Feeling Cream Point 6-12-2004
GC Co-Bridge Queen-Of-My Heart Blue Lynx Point 2-26-2005
GC Dal-Bo's Jillian of Burnbrae Seal Point 12-4-2004
GC Dal-Bo's Pretty Little Angel Eyes Blue Point 1-29-2005
GC Dal-Bo's Reagan Seal Point 11-19-2004
GC Deverest Jacomo Seal Point 8-14-2004  
GC Deverest Surprise Tortie Point 9-4-2004  
GC Deverest Ted Lapidus Blue Point 7-3-2004  
GC Ekubo Shiffon In Wonderland of Cozy Blue Point 4-9-2005  
GC Ekubo Turbo Engine Blue Point 7-3-2004  
GC Everdream's Billy Flynn Seal Point 7-24-2004  
GC Fancipawz Diamond In The Buff Cream Point 6-19-2004  
GC Felindia's Ali'i Loa Cream Point 7-10-2004
GC Felindia's Keiki of Purrstar Blue Point 11-27-2004  
GC Globe's Dream On! Cream Point 2-19-2005  
GC Grovewood Corbin Copy Seal Lynx Point 1-8-2005
GC Grovewood's Callawassee Blue Lynx Point 11-13-2004
GC Heatherbrook High Life of Maskado Cream Point 12-4-2004  
GC Inthewind Helzapoppin of Majik Paws Flame Point 3-19-2005
GC Jetset's Nashville of Miracle Paws Cream Point 5-8-2004
GC Joedean Vanity Fair Blue Lynx Point 4-23-2005  
GC Jos Him-Pers Amber of Sejumay Tortie Point 6-19-2004  
GC Jude Rocky Racoon Seal Lynx Point 11-13-2004
GC Kam-Lu's Shady Lady of Cummere Seal Point 4-9-2005  
GC Katabears Star Dust Flame Point 3-26-2005  
GC Katabears Stary Eyes Seal Point 2-19-2005  
GC Katabears Wobbles Tortie Point 8-7-2004  
GC Keystone Follow Me of Mountcascade Blue Lynx Point 9-11-2004  
GC Kitt N Boots Mingo Seal Point 2-12-2005
GC Kitt N Boots Romeo Seal Point 8-14-2004
GC Kittystone's Bee Gee Cream Point 3-12-2005  
GC Kittystone's California Idol Flame Point 3-19-2005  
GC Kurtn Klimer's Bellini of Joedean Seal Point 3-19-2005  
GC Laureden Gigi Felini Tortie Lynx Point 7-3-2004  
GC Le Club Fur Phantasia Seal Point 1-1-2005
GC Le Club Fur Pharadise Phound Seal Point 10-23-2004
GC Lil'Secrets Toby of Seleucid Cream Point 10-16-2004  
GC Loralyn's Calypso Tortie Point 2-12-2005
GC Madame Nu's Wooly Or Won't He Flame Point 4-2-2005
GC Magic Kiss Armani Seal Lynx Point 2-12-2005  
GC Malykotcik's Sweet Secret Flame Point 7-24-2004  
GC Maskado Pinky Thinky Cream Point 12-4-2004  
GC Mountcascade's Touched By Love Blue Point 11-13-2004  
GC Myshalimar Pandora of Le Club Fur Tortie Point 4-9-2005
GC Newdestiny's Carnal Innocents!!! Blue-Cream Point 5-8-2004  
GC Oakheaven's Elfin Myst Tortie Point 1-29-2005  
GC Paws To Pur Sophie Tortie Point 7-10-2004  
GC Playwickey's Megga Rush Tortie Lynx Point 4-9-2005
GC Playwickey's Presidential Seal Seal Point 3-26-2005
GC Prancenpaws Classical Jazz Seal Point 3-26-2005
GC Prancenpaws Small Talker Cream Point 2-5-2005  
GC Prancenpaws Smooth Talker Cream Point 7-17-2004  
GC Purrpals Valhalla of Enchantedpaw Flame Point 2-12-2005  
GC Rainbo Point Rags2Riches of Karabel Flame Point 1-29-2005
GC Rainbo Point's Maybelline Tortie Lynx Point 1-15-2005
GC Rainbo Point's Xanadu Blue-Cream Lynx Point 5-29-2004  
GC Ristokat Arabesque of Kittypar Seal Point 1-22-2005
GC Ristokat's Eye Catcher Seal Point 10-9-2004  
GC Sandypaws Charley's Angel Seal Point 3-19-2005  
GC Scaterry's Miss Piper Tortie Point 4-23-2005  
GC Sulltans Seize The Whimsey Tortie Point 3-26-2005  
GC Sulltans Shining Starlet Flame Point 10-2-2004
GC Sulltans Simply Scrumptious Flame Point 5-15-2004  
GC Sunval Choreographer of Fancyfluff Seal Point 4-2-2005  
GC Sunval High Tops Blue Point 4-23-2005  
GC Tallin's Bandit of Kittystone Cream Point 4-9-2005  
GC Teahs Martina McBride Cream Point 1-8-2005  
GC Whisperwood's Kayline Tortie Lynx Point 4-16-2005  
GC Whisperwood's Solaris Flame Lynx Point 5-1-2004  


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