CFA's Himalayan Grand Champions, 2005-2006 season

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Cats listed in blue colored cells are males,
cats listed in pink colored cells are females.

2005-2006 - 74 Grands
Name Color Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GC Aristochats Kimberlina of Caliper Cream Point 2-4-2006  
GC Burnbrae's Bonnie of Dal-Bo Blue-Cream Point 4-1-2006  
GC Burnbrae's Heather of Dal-Bo Blue-Cream Point 1-21-2006  
GC Burnbrae's Jordan of Dal-Bo Blue Point 2-25-2006  
GC Burnbrae's Melinda of Dal-Bo Blue-Cream Point 3-11-2006  
GC Burnbrae's Rebecca of Dal-Bo Blue Point 4-15-2006  
GC Burnbrae's Roxi Ann of Dal-Bo Tortie Point 1-28-2006
GC Burnbrae's Shannon of Dal-Bo Tortie Point 2-18-2006
GC Cacao Focal Point Seal Point 11-26-2005
GC Cacao Somebody's Hero of Fultonblue Flame Point 10-15-2005  
GC Catley Crue Shakita Blue Point 2-4-2006  
GC Catnip Kids Lily-Of-The Valley Flame Point 9-24-2005  
GC Catsafrats It Started With A Kiss Seal Point 3-14-2006
GC Catsafrats Little Super Star Seal Point 4-29-2006  
GC Chomalyn Minnie Seal Point 3-11-2006  
GC Co-Bridge Dahlia Blue Lynx Point 3-18-2006
GC Co-Bridge Macaroni Seal Lynx Point 2-18-2006
GC Compri Reilly of Wordsworth Seal Point 4-30-2005  
GC Cuddle-Paws Cassee of Purrs-Of-Luv Blue Lynx Point 8-13-2005
GC Cuddle-Paws Reddy 2 Rumble Flame Point 5-7-2005
GC Dal-Bo Priscilla Seal Point 3-18-2006  
GC Dal-Bo's Ashlee of Burnbrae Tortie Point 1-7-2006  
GC Dal-Bo's Gabriel Cream Point 2-25-2006
GC Dal-Bo's Write In Style Seal Point 11-26-2005
GC Darling Purs Camelot Chocolate Point 10-29-2005  
GC Devanchire's Calamity Jane Seal Point 2-11-2006
GC Dragonfyre's Rocket Man of Arenel Seal Lynx Point 8-6-2005
GC Grovewood's Daughters Seal Lynx Point 3-25-2006
GC Grovewood's Sunset Strip Flame Lynx Point 3-11-2006
GC Joedean's Lurline of Playwickey Blue Lynx Point 3-18-2006
GC Jos Him-Pers Morgaine of Sejumay Seal Point 2-4-2006  
GC Joyback Sunny Delight of Playwickey Cream Point 4-15-2006
GC Kam-Lu's Somethin' To Talk About Flame Point 12-10-2005  
GC Karabel's China Doll Flame Point 3-25-2006
GC Karabel's Hailey of Cuddle-Paws Blue-Cream Point 12-10-2005
GC Karabel's Inkling of Catbery Tail Seal Point 4-1-2006
GC Karabel's Justin Time of Devanchire Cream Point 8-6-2005  
GC Karabel's Que Cera Cera Flame Lynx Point 7-9-2005  
GC Kisan's Kilohana Keloa Flame Point 10-8-2005  
GC Kitt N Boots Fire Water Flame Point 4-30-2005
GC Kittystone Crystal Rock of Loralyn Tortie Point 1-21-2006
GC Kittystone's Flash Fire Flame Point 3-25-2006  
GC Kittystone's Rock A Feller Blue Point 4-29-2006  
GC Komotionz Chantilly Lace Blue-Cream Lynx Point 11-5-2005
GC Larimyr Lady Liberty of Marclay Blue-Cream Point 9-3-2005  
GC Laureden Hummingbird Seal Point 8-20-2005
GC Le Club Fur Emma Tortie Point 11-26-2005
GC Le Club Fur Purr-Ennial Favorite Flame Point 8-20-2005
GC Le Club Fur Purr-I-Winkle Tortie Point 5-14-2005
GC Le Club Fur Stardust Girl Tortie Point 12-31-2005
GC Luvhaven Silver Lace Blue-Cream Lynx Point 8-27-2005  
GC Malykotcik's Double Image Seal Point 7-9-2005  
GC Marins Genki Hatu-Ratu? Cream Lynx Point 1-28-2006
GC Mariposa Tequila Sunrise of Marins Flame Lynx Point 10-8-2005
GC Mariposa's Butterfly Kisses Blue-Cream Lynx Point 9-10-2005
GC Mieuxmew's Make My Day Seal Lynx Point 4-1-2006  
GC Nestlenook's Aquinas of Remember Cream Point 10-22-2005
GC Nhis Time Eye-Of-The Storm Seal Point 2-11-2006
GC Oak Branch Black Jack of Jude Seal Point 2-4-2006
GC Prancenpaws A Little Bit Country Blue-Cream Point 11-12-2005
GC Prancenpaws Rhythm & Blues Blue Point 5-14-2005
GC Purr-Majik Simply Irresistible Seal Point 1-14-2006
GC R-C Venus In Blue Genes Blue-Cream Point 11-5-2005  
GC Sandypaws Evangeline of Grovewood Blue Lynx Point 12-10-2005
GC Scaterry's Honeydew Seal Lynx Point 2-18-2006  
GC Sulltans Seize The Love Tortie Point 4-15-2006
GC Sulltans Spin To Win Flame Point 1-7-2006
GC Sulltans Supercalifragilistic Tortie Point 1-7-2006
GC Sulltans Superexpialdocious Tortie Point 6-11-2005
GC Tanglebox's Petra Blue-Cream Point 3-25-2006
GC Tanglebox's Sloe Gin Fizzz of Jude Tortie Point 10-8-2005
GC Vicketales Sunkist Cream Lynx Point 12-17-2005  
GC Whisperwood's Caprice Flame Lynx Point 11-26-2005  
GC Whisperwood's Delight Seal Lynx Point 1-21-2006  


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