CFA's Regional Winners

The award of Regional Winner (or RW) was first reported in the 1972 yearbook, for the 1971-72 show season.

The award is given to the top cats, kittens, and alters after each show season. However, the number of awards has varied over the years, changing as the number of cats and shows have increased. The table below give a breakdown as to how many awards were given in any particular show season.

Show Season Kittens Championship Premiership
1971-72 thru 1975-76 5 10 3
1976-77 thru 1981-82 5 10 5
1982-83 thru 1988-89 10 20 10
1989-90 thru 1995-96 15 25 15
1996-97 thru 2003-04 20 25 20
2004-05 thru present 25 25 25


For a detailed listing of Himalayan and CPC regional winners, including links to photos (when available) and pedigrees, see the following pages:

Himalayan RWs:



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