CFA's Himalayan Grand Champions, 2002-2003 season

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Cats listed in blue colored cells are males,
cats listed in pink colored cells are females.

2002-2003 - 73 Grands
Name Color Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GC Almigry Fantasia Blue-Cream Lynx Point 11-30-2002  
GC Alomi's On The Rocks Cream Point 2-15-2003  
GC Animotion's Sweet William Blue Lynx Point 8-10-2002  
GC Arenel's Angel's Halo Tortie Point 3-29-2003
GC Brigantina's Jasmine of Purrpals Seal Point 8-31-2002  
GC Burnbrae's Nigel Cream Point 4-12-2003
GC Cacao Punono of Kisan Flame Point 7-6-2002  
GC Careyata Earth Angel of Inuit Blue-Cream Point 7-20-2002  
GC Catley Crue's 100% Cotton Seal Point 4-12-2003  
GC Catley Crue's April Fools Blue-Cream Lynx Point 12-28-2002
GC Cayugafarm's Quincy Magoo Cream Point 4-5-2003  
GC Choc'Sugaw Cheraw Lilac Point 5-11-2002
GC Cliftonpoint Nikki Seal Lynx Point 2-8-2003  
GC Cuddle-Paws Cheri Seal Point 11-2-2002
GC Cuddle-Paws T.J. Max Flame Point 7-20-2002
GC Dal-Bo's Dottie Ann Tortie Point 1-25-2003
GC Dal-Bo's Sealed With A Promise Seal Point 3-1-2003
GC DeMiara Enbraceable You of Joedean Seal Point 11-30-2002  
GC Donegal's Eilise 'N' Ranait Tortie Point 10-26-2002  
GC Felival Lorie Blue Lynx Point 1-25-2003  
GC Fullmoon's Dollar Bill Blue Point 4-26-2003
GC Fullmoon's Serendipity Tortie Point 4-5-2003
GC Fur Pleasure Baby Balou of Calilaya Blue Point 5-4-2002  
GC Furxxtc Versace Lilac Point 7-6-2002  
GC Globe's Keep Ur Heart Flame Point 10-19-2002
GC Globe's Shine 'N Gold Flame Point 1-18-2003  
GC Grovewood Zibelline of Shadenshadow Seal Lynx Point 11-9-2002  
GC Grovewood's Mr. Interstate Seal Lynx Point 9-21-2002
GC Hle Back To The Basics of Cacao Seal Point 10-26-2002  
GC Jetset's 1st Class of Purrpals Blue-Cream Point 7-13-2002  
GC Jetset's Partly Cloudy Blue-Cream Point 2-8-2003  
GC Joedean Lucky Stripes Seal Lynx Point 4-26-2003  
GC Joedean Master-Of-The House Seal Point 12-28-2002  
GC Kam-Lu's Maxi Millenium Seal Point 1-11-2003  
GC Karabel Miss Pris of Malykotcik Flame Point 5-11-2002  
GC Karabel's Celestial Dream Cream Lynx Point 10-19-2002  
GC Karabel's Lovin' You of Lake Hyco Flame Point 5-4-2002  
GC Katabears Gilly Seal Point 3-15-2003  
GC Katabears Moonstruck Tortie Point 12-14-2002
GC Katztoluv Princecharming of Angi-La Flame Point 9-21-2002  
GC Keepers Gift Packett of Lake Hyco Cream Point 12-14-2002  
GC Kleawkla Kathy Seal Point 2-8-2003  
GC Kurtn Klimer's Columbianna Seal Point 2-15-2003  
GC Kurtn Klimer's It Ain't Happenin' Seal Point 3-29-2003  
GC Lake Hyco's Wind Beneath My Wings Tortie Point 1-25-2003
GC Laureden Bagger Vance Seal Lynx Point 1-18-2003
GC Laureden Imagine Tortie Lynx Point 11-9-2002  
GC Le Club Fur Purr-So-Cute Seal Point 2-8-2003
GC Loralyn's All That Jazz Cream Point 2-1-2003
GC Malykotcik's Mirra Image Seal Point 10-19-2002  
GC Merripaws American Flyboy Flame Lynx Point 1-18-2003  
GC Mieuxmew's Caroline Seal Lynx Point 10-12-2002  
GC Miracle Paws Angel Eyes Flame Point 2-1-2003
GC Mountcascade's Oh Romeo! Blue Lynx Point 4-19-2003  
GC NewDestiny's Something In The Stars Chocolate Point 12-28-2002
GC Perdcats Dixie Cup Blue-Cream Point 12-7-2002  
GC Prancenpaws Glowing Ember Cream Point 4-26-2003
GC Prancenpaws Spinet Tortie Point 10-26-2002
GC Purr-Majik Risky Affaire Blue Point 3-29-2003  
GC Ristokat's Chippendale Seal Point 9-7-2002
GC Sulltans Seize The Fortune Seal Point 7-6-2002
GC Sulltans Sing Glory Halleluiah Tortie Point 1-18-2003
GC Sulltans Snuggles Flame Point 2-8-2003
GC Sunval's Evenin' Blush Cream Point 11-2-2002  
GC Tallin's Cover Girl Blue-Cream Point 11-16-2002  
GC Tanglebox's On The Rocks Blue Lynx Point 9-14-2002
GC Teahs Flurrtatious Blue Point 5-4-2002  
GC Vicketales Irish Creme Cream Point 10-12-2002  
GC Waynoka's Starlet of Playwickey Blue-Cream Point 10-5-2002  
GC Whisperwood's Avalon Flame Lynx Point 4-5-2003  
GC Whisperwood's Deadline of Komotionz Seal Point 3-29-2003  
GC Whisperwood's Tapestry Tortie Point 4-26-2003  
GC Wordsworth's Makin Mischief Tortie Point 12-7-2002  


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