Himalayan and CPC Grands of Distinction, by color

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Cats listed in blue colored cells are males,
cats listed in pink colored cells are females.


Brown Tabby & White
Name Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GC, GPD, DW Hoobee Enoch 10-26-2014  

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Cream Point
Name Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GPD, NW Karabel's Mr. Sandman 8-16-2015

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Flame Lynx Point
Name Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GPD, NW Catbery Tail Hero 7-19-2014
GC, GPD, RW, AW Catbery Tail Tweed of Whiskerland 11-9-2014
GC, GPD, NW Laureden Bunny of Kittrik 3-23-2014


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