Himalayan and CPC Grands of Distinction, by year

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Cats listed in blue colored cells are males,
cats listed in pink colored cells are females.



Name Color Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GC, GPD, NW Laureden Bunny of Kittrik Flame Lynx Point 3-23-2014

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Name Color Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GPD, NW Catbery Tail Hero Flame Lynx Point 7-19-2014
GC, GPD, RW, AW Catbery Tail Tweed of Whiskerland Flame Lynx Point 11-9-2014
GC, GPD, DW Hoobee Enoch Brown Tabby & White 10-26-2014  

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Name Color Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GPD, NW Karabel's Mr. Sandman Cream Point 8-16-2015


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