Siblings of:
CH Silky China Doll of Callyn DM
DM earned 3-4-1995
(F) May 18 1988, 3297-475831 v1289, Cream Point Himalayan
Sire GC Silky's Sunrise of Purrmates   (M) Jun 1 1985 3278-265037 v0987 Flame Point Himalayan
Dam GC Silky's Destiny   (F) Oct 28 1986 3297-355111 v0788 Cream Point Himalayan
Full Siblings
  1. GC Silky's Starbrite of Purrmates   (F) Sep 17 1988 3297-500927 v0890 Cream Point Himalayan
Sire Sibling 1 CH Silky's Dark Crystal   (F) 3047-311934 v0987 Tortoiseshell CPC
  1. CH Silky Marcus of Mountcascade   (M) 3272-482113 v1089 Seal Point Himalayan
  2. GC Silky's Lone Star   (M) Aug 2 1987 3272-405825 Seal Point Himalayan
Sire Sibling 2 CH Kitty Charm Black Diamond of Silky   (F) Dec 5 1985 0109-307930 v1088 Black Persian
  1. Silky's Minx Mimi of Mountcascade   (F) 3047-557328 v0791 Tortoiseshell CPC
  2. CH Silky's Tru Blu of Purrmates   (M) Aug 12 1988 3006-488933 v0391 Blue CPC
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