Siblings of:
CH Prancenpaws All Points Bulletin
(M) Jan 25 1992, 3296-772786 v0394, Cream Point Himalayan
Sire GC, GP Prancenpaws Maxi-Shot   (M) Aug 1 1989 3278-656557 v0392 Flame Point Himalayan
Dam GC Lotsapurr Rose Royce of Prancenpaws   (F) Dec 22 1987 3297-433762 v0589 Cream Point Himalayan
Full Siblings
Dam Sibling 1 CH Agonistes Slite Tremor of Hollydaze   (M) Jul 23 1986 3006-345081 v1287 Blue CPC
  1. CH Prancenpaws Promises! Promises!   (F) Apr 24 1989 3289-530450 v0890 Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
Dam Sibling 2 Eclipse Cracker Jack of Prancenpaws   (M) May 14 1987 3008-448398 v1288 Black CPC
  1. Prancenpaws Lili   (F) 3289-633416 Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
  2. GC Prancenpaws The Son Also Rose   (M) Apr 2 1990 3278-613558 Flame Point Himalayan
  3. CH Prancenpaws Second Hand Rose   (F) Jun 2 1991 3249-737871 v1094 Chocolate Tortie Point Himalayan
Dam Sibling 3 CH Frenchcreek Right Shot of Twinshire   (M) Oct 10 1987 3276-437584 v1288 Blue Point Himalayan
  1. GC Prancenpaws Max-A-Million   (M) Jul 13 1989 3296-548753 Cream Point Himalayan
Dam Sibling 4 GC Hankypankys Carbon Copy of Alfakits   (M) Sep 10 1989 0108-601796 v0191 Black Persian
  1. Prancenpaws Copy Conglomerate   (M) 3014-671647 v0192 Cream CPC
  2. Prancenpaws Copy Incorporated   (M) 3014-671646 v0392 Cream CPC
  3. CH Prancenpaws Gloria Anderson   (F) 3047-671645 Tortoiseshell CPC
Sire Sibling 1 Prancenpaws Amanda   (F) 3055-763735 Cream Tabby CPC
  1. GC, GP Prancenpaws Snoprincess Victorialee   (F) Jul 28 1993 3297-875919 Cream Point Himalayan
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