Offspring of:
GC Dixi-Land Salute
(M) Sep 22 1938, 20-SB-283 v22, Blue Persian
Sire EngCH Benjamin of Westfield  (M) Jun 18 1931 GCCF 18934 v5 Blue Persian
Dam CH Dixi-Land Wanda of Dunesk  (F) Apr 26 1936 19-SB-731 v21 Blue Persian
Litter 1
Jul 1 1943
CH Dixi-Land Innocence  (F) Jun 24 1936 17-SB-681 v19 Copper-Eyed White Persian
  1. CH Dixi-Land Angel's Imp  (F) Jul 1 1943 26-SB-132 v28 Copper-Eyed White Persian
Litter 2
May 11 1946
Dixi-Land's Anchusa  (F) Jan 7 1939 21-SB-442 v23 Blue Persian
  1. Dixi-Land Hepatica  (F) May 11 1946 35-SB-511 v35 Blue Persian
Litter 3
Jun 27 1947
Dixi-Land Hepatica  (F) May 11 1946 35-SB-511 v35 Blue Persian
  1. Pyrola of Khyber  (F) Jun 27 1947 40-SB-640 v40 Blue Persian
Litter 4
Jul 12 1948
Dixi-Land Perwinkle  (F) Apr 22 1943 26-SB-727 v28 Blue Persian
  1. Dixi-Land's Wycliffe Encore  (M) Jul 12 1948 39-SB-024 v39 Blue Persian
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