Pedigree of:
CH Jeanine's Victory of Kat-Laur
(M) Aug 7 1969, 0172-001204 v102 / H0S-F70-436-3, Seal Point Himalayan
ACA QCH Jeanine's Max-A-Million
Jun 1 1963 0194-000005-1 v99
Black CPC
Shawnee Sunshine of Homestead
Jun 22 1961 0114-000265 v95
Cream Persian
GC Nor-Mont Jubilee II of West Allis
Jan 27 1955 93-SB-321 v84
Blue Persian
Dixi-Land's Wycliffe Encore
Jul 12 1948 39-SB-024 v39
Blue Persian
GC West Allis Annette
May 12 1949 43-SB-729 v43 / ACA 20429 v43
Blue Persian
GC Shawnee Soap Suds
Aug 1 1958 0103-000049 v89
Copper-Eyed White Persian
CH/DGC Klinkhammer Topper of Castilia
Aug 15 1956 98-SB-478 v86 / CFF 19415
Copper-Eyed White Persian
GC Shawnee Moonflower
Jun 25 1955 58-SB-443 v84
Copper-Eyed White Persian
CH Chestermere Ana of Homestead
Jun 30 1960 0173-000049-PR1 v90
Seal Point Himalayan
Chestermere Hassan
Aug 23 1959 0172-000027-PR3 v88
Seal Point Himalayan
Chestermere Pedro
Jun 19 1958 0172-000026-PR2 v88
Seal Point Himalayan
Chestermere Mala
Oct 20 1958 0173-000031-PR2 v88
Seal Point Himalayan
Chestermere Cinera
Aug 17 1959 0173-000035-PR3 v88
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Chestermere Zorro
Jun 19 1958 0172-000022-PR2 v87
Seal Point Himalayan
Chestermere Paula
Oct 20 1958 0177-000015-PR2 v87
Blue Point Himalayan
Jeanine's Fortune's Child
Jun 15 1966 0193-000151 v101
Tortie Point Himalayan
Ricadoro Valiant of Holli-Hi
Jul 2 1967 0194-000026 v100 / ACFA XHP13-F67-1376
Black CPC
CH Kerry Lu Jon of Ricadoro
Aug 13 1960 0134-000609 v99
Black Smoke Persian
Kerry Lu DiMaggio
0134-000588 v99
Black Smoke Persian
CH Kerry Lu Ella Lee
0109-001289 v99
Black Persian
Blue Print's Nancy of Ricadoro
Sep 9 1966 0173-000422-PR2 v99 / ACFA HOS-S67-139
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Nevah-Tep's Chokin
May 31 1965 0172-000192-PR2 v98 / ACFA HOS-S66-869
Seal Point Himalayan
Blue Print's Blue Angel of Cable
Jan 8 1965 0177-000111-1 v98
Blue Point Himalayan
Emin-Dale's Lovle of Shadyhims
Mar 18 1967 0179-000027 v100
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Sugden's Sun-Rise of Emin-Dale
Jun 3 1965 0178-000014-PR3 v99 / ACFA HO4-F65-1288-
Flame Point Himalayan
Sugden's Furfi
Apr 7 1963 0172-000166-PR2 v96 / ACFA H0S-F64-1010-
Seal Point Himalayan
Sugden's Doll
ACFA XH73-F63-187
Tortoiseshell CPC
CH Sabito's Fyrefly of Emin-Dale
Jun 10 1964 0179-000010-1 v97
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Goforth's Comrade of Sabito
Mar 30 1963 0178-00004-PR3 v97
Flame Point Himalayan
Goforth's Lady Topaz of Sabito
Jan 28 1963 0179-00004-PR3 v97
Flame Point Himalayan
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