Pedigree of:
GC Tunxis Valley Cameron Clings
(M) Mar 31 1974, 0176-002583 v108, Blue Point Himalayan
CH Cat Lore Sherpa
Apr 15 1972 0172-002348 v105
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Jeanine's Victory of Kat-Laur
Aug 7 1969 0172-001204 v102 / H0S-F70-436-3
Seal Point Himalayan
ACA QCH Jeanine's Max-A-Million
Jun 1 1963 0194-000005-1 v99
Black CPC
Jeanine's Fortune's Child
Jun 15 1966 0193-000151 v101
Tortie Point Himalayan
Jeanine's Jezabelle of Cat Lore
Aug 21 1970 0177-001146 v104
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Jeanine's Blue Lagoon
May 5 1968 0176-000331 v101
Blue Point Himalayan
Hima-Tab Shari
Aug 24 1968 0177-000504 v101
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Tunxis Valley Understudy
Apr 12 1973 0177-002498 v106
Blue Point Himalayan
Tunxis Valley Adorno
Sep 16 1971 0176-001382 v104
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Adorno von der Rombachsburg
Jul 4 1968 0176-000433 v102 / ZBN BK-635-XLV
Blue Point Himalayan
Tunxis Valley Megen
Apr 23 1970 0193-000335 v103
Tortoiseshell CPC
Tai Ming's Jasamine
Apr 7 1969 0173-001137 v105
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Jeanine's Figaro
May 28 1966 0172-000299-PR2 v100
Seal Point Himalayan
Jeanine's Frangipani
Aug 14 1965 0173-000281-PR3 v101
Seal Point Himalayan
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