Siblings of:
GC, RW Ristokat's Fleur-De-Lis DM
DM earned 7-10-2004
(F) Jun 27 1997, 3253-1141022 v0599, Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
Sire GC, RW Oakheaven's Time Line of Ristokat   (M) Sep 6 1995 3044-1029400 v0297 Brown Tabby CPC
Dam GC, GP, RW Prancenpaws Glamor Shot of Ristokat DM
DM earned 4-15-2000
   (F) Mar 26 1995 3289-993399 v0297 Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
Full Siblings
  1. GC Ristokat Truly Tabu of Old Castle   (F) Dec 17 1996 3089-1113209 v0798 Blue Patched Tabby CPC
  2. GC Ristokat's Femme Fatale   (F) Dec 17 1996 3257-1109283 v0300 Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
  3. Ristokat's D'Artagnan of Rainy Breeze   (M) Jun 27 1997 3006-1141024 v1199 Blue CPC
  4. GP, RW Ristokat's Masquerade of Tamarakatz   (F) Jun 27 1997 3273-1141023 Seal Point Himalayan
  5. Ristokat's Marcus of La Morundra   (M) May 1 1998 3256-1214705 Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
Dam Sibling 1 GC, RW Whisperwood's Set The World On Fire   (M) Mar 22 1998 3278-1196726 v0599 Flame Point Himalayan
  1. Ristokat's Flame Point Boy   (M) Jun 13 1999 3278- Flame Point Himalayan
Dam Sibling 2 GC, RW Whisperwood's Tonka Toy   (M) Jul 12 1993 3272-893877 v0896 Seal Point Himalayan
  1. CH, GP Ristokat's Whimsical Toy   (F) Sep 7 1998 3293-1223353 Tortie Point Himalayan
Sire Sibling 1 CH, GP Peaceful Paws Dotted Line   (F) Sep 8 1995 3253-1028818 v0597 Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
  1. GC Ristokat's Madame Butterfly   (F) Mar 3 1997 3045-1121712 v0799 Brown Tabby CPC
Sire Sibling 2 GC Rainyday's Weather Girl of Ristokat   (F) Apr 1 1995 3293-1000848 Tortie Point Himalayan
  1. CH Ristokat's Raindrops of Oakheaven   (F) Feb 27 1997 3045-1133622 Brown Tabby CPC
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