Siblings of:
PR Rags 2 Richs Starter Kit DM
DM earned 10-8-2005
(F) May 16 2000, 3257-1319537 v0102, Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
Sire CH Kitty Charm Periwinkle   (M) Jun 20 1998 3256-1211975 v0900 Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
Dam Jennifer of Rags 2 Richs   (F) 3089-1248138 Blue Patched Tabby CPC
Full Siblings
Sire Sibling 1 Rags 2 Richs Kissed By An Angel   (F) 3289- Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
  1. Rags 2 Richs Rampage of Angelkissed   (M) 3296- Cream Point Himalayan
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