Siblings of:
DGC Chestermere Cholita of Nevah-Tep
(F) Jun 14 1960, 0173-000059-1 v89, Seal Point Himalayan
Sire Chestermere Paul   (M) Aug 17 1959 0176-000013-PR3 v89 Blue Point Himalayan
Dam Chestermere Kita   (F) Aug 23 1959 0173-000042-PR3 v89 Seal Point Himalayan
Full Siblings
  1. CH Chestermere Pepe   (M) Jun 14 1960 0172-000042-PR1 v89 Seal Point Himalayan
Dam Sibling 1 Chestermere Chester   (M) May 12 1959 0172-000023-PR3 v88 Seal Point Himalayan
  1. CH Chestermere Tura of Nevah-Tep   (F) Jan 10 1961 0173-000112-PR1 v94 Seal Point Himalayan
Dam Sibling 2 CH/CFF TGC Chestermere Chingo of Bouquet   (M) May 24 1960 0172-000043-1 v89/CFF 25740-R-1 Seal Point Himalayan
  1. CH Chestermere Chengi of Nevah-Tep   (M) Jan 18 1962 0172-000096-PR1 v94 / HOS-S62-1528 Seal Point Himalayan
  2. Bouquet Minute Man   (M) Jan 25 1964 0172-000207-PR3 v98 Seal Point Himalayan
Sire Sibling 1 Chestermere Toshika   (F) Aug 3 1960 0177-000024-PR3 v94 Blue Point Himalayan
  1. GC, BW Chestermere Kinuba of Nevah-Tep
    BW: 1965-66/1966-67
       (M) Jan 10 1962 0176-000057-PR1 v96/ACFA H02-S62-1530 Blue Point Himalayan
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