Pedigree of:
Tunxis Valley Megen
(F) Apr 23 1970, 0193-000335 v103, Tortoiseshell CPC
Jeanine's Bojangles
Oct 28 1968
0172-000860 v102
Seal Point Himalayan
Ricadoro Valiant of Holli-Hi
Jul 2 1967
0194-000026 v100 / ACFA XHP13-F67-1376
Black CPC
CH Kerry Lu Jon of Ricadoro
Aug 13 1960 0134-000609 v99
Black Smoke Persian
Blue Print's Nancy of Ricadoro
Sep 9 1966 0173-000422-PR2 v99 / ACFA HOS-S67-139
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Jeanine's Sayonara of Dick-Cee
Mar 24 1964
0173-000188-2 v97/ACFA HOS-F66-03202
Seal Point Himalayan
Homestead's Hi-Hope
Apr 29 1961 0172-000120-PR1 v94
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Homestead's Doll
Sep 12 1961 0177-000029-PR1 v95
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Iowana Puff of Tunxis Valley
0115-001029 v100
Cream Persian
Gayland's Sunset of Iowana

Zildjian Honeybunch (imp)

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