Pedigree of:
- Sandypaws Midnight Lace
(F) Mar 10 1982, 0195-198256 v0484, Black CPC
CH Bar-B Baruch
Jun 1 1981
Black Persian
CH Pushkins Titian Flame of Bar-B
Jun 23 1973
0110-002762 v107
Red Persian
GC Pushkin Hot Toddy of Felinity
Sep 29 1971 0110-001943 v105
Red Persian
Minuet Kriscinda of Pushkin
Blue-Cream Persian
Bar-B Alexandra
Tortoiseshell Persian
- Shu-Shu Char Nar
May 9 1977
0177-005550 v111
Blue Point Himalayan
- Chestermere Cha-Na-Ki
Feb 20 1975
0172-004658 v108
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Chestermere Chentiti
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Chestermere Chenteda
Aug 11 1973 0193-000814 v107
Tortie Point Himalayan
Cat Lore Dark Black Magic
May 19 1974
0195-001530 v109
Black CPC
Ricadoro Quimais of Cat Lore
Jun 19 1972 0172-002603 v104
Seal Point Himalayan
Cat Lore Dark Desiree
Mar 11 1973 0195-000966 v106
Black CPC
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