Pedigree of:
CH Polcann's Bit O'Spice of Nanc-C
(F) Feb 9 1993, 0145-844253 v0594, Brown Tabby Persian
GC, RW Polcann's Rocky-Rider
Oct 20 1990
0108-664931 v0892
Black Persian
CH Pironti's C-C Rider of Polcann
Sep 16 1988
0108-503707 v0490
Black Persian
GC, RW Pironti's Sugar Ray
Jul 6 1987 0108-408972 v1288
Black Persian
Pironti's Emba
Sep 1 1987 0109-408971 v1288
Black Persian
Ziegfeld's Roxy of Memry DM
May 27 1986
0109-331609 v0188
Black Persian
GC, RW Ziegfeld's Rock-N-Roll of Luvlypurr DM
May 17 1985 0108-266228 v0886
Black Persian
Ziegfeld's Crowning Glory
Jun 26 1983 0147-165462 v0886
Tortoiseshell Persian
Dearborn's My Blue Angel of Polcann
Sep 7 1991
0153M-755108 v0892
Blue McTabby Persian
GC Dearborn Sonbeam
Sep 9 1990
1192M-674736 v1191
Cream McTabby & White Persian
GC, RW Gemenee's Moonryder of Dearborn
Apr 1 1987 0152M-390144 v1188
Blue McTabby Persian
GC Ziza's Moonbeam
Apr 3 1987 0119-388001 v1088
Dilute Calico Persian
Whitthaven's Bit O'Honey DM
Oct 4 1987
0145-430349 v0189
Brown Tabby Persian
GC Kikicat Higgins of Whitthaven
May 15 1985 0144-275955 v1286
Brown Tabby Persian
Marhei's Lucie of Kozy
Apr 24 1986 1145-333003 v0687
Brown Patched Tabby Persian
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