Pedigree of:
GC, RW Pironti's Sugar Ray
(M) Jul 6 1987, 0108-408972 v1288, Black Persian
GC Pironti Atom
Aug 24 1985
0108-308495 v0987
Black Persian
GC, NW Bar-B T.N.T. DM
Jun 6 1982
0110-115530 v0983
Red Persian
GC Mystichill Miracle of Meadowood DM
Oct 15 1979 0110-005512 v0381
Red Persian
GC, RW Lullaby Avanti of Bar-B DM
Mar 11 1981 0147-070555 v0782
Tortoiseshell Persian
CH Kueen Kissin Ana Huggen of Pironti
Mar 30 1984
0107-212494 v0585
Blue Persian
Dania's Honeyboy of Shauntay
Jul 15 1981 0108-130993 v0783
Black Persian
Daydreamer Kaprice of Kueen DM
May 6 1981 0109-115546 v0782
Black Persian
Pironti's Funny Face DM
Jul 18 1985
0109-403641 v0987
Black Persian
GC Bar-B The Great Gadsby
Apr 25 1984
0108-238176 v0885
Black Persian
CH Jovan Daddy's Girl of Q-T Cats
Apr 9 1983
0109-160327 v0684
Black Persian
GC, NW Mystichill Houdini of Jovan DM
Oct 15 1979 0108-009465 v0881
Black Persian
GC Oldetyme Double Image of Kopus
Jun 10 1980 0109-009078 v0683
Black Persian
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