Pedigree of:
CH Oakheaven's Cotton Blend
(F) Jul 10 1993, 3293-872232 v1294, Tortie Point Himalayan
CH Oakheaven's Pooh
Sep 29 1990
3006-696054 v0292
Blue CPC
GC Oakheaven's Decade
Jun 14 1989
3006-559227 v0191
Blue CPC
GC D-Jon Short Stack of Blossomaire
Apr 24 1986 0110-328786 v0588
Red Persian
Oakheaven's Chance of Tashmere
Nov 29 1987 3007-466355 v0289
Blue CPC
Clacritter's Destiny
Oct 26 1988
3277-551627 v0191
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Oakheaven's Gunn Barrell of El-Sie
Mar 29 1987 3006-406685 v0888
Blue CPC
GC, RW Purrenniel's Debut of Oakheaven
Sep 15 1986 3277-355099 v0788
Blue Point Himalayan
GC Sandilair's Cotton Pickin' Kit-N
May 23 1992
3293-796056 v1093
Tortie Point Himalayan
GC, RW Sandilair's Walkin' In High Cotton
Aug 1 1990
3272-656285 v0392
Seal Point Himalayan
GC Sandilair's Just A Mere Mirage
May 18 1987 3272-417730 v0988
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Purringwood's Embers 'N Ashes
Dec 23 1988 3047-567818 v1190
Tortoiseshell CPC
Sandilair's Tootsie
Apr 30 1991
3289-717031 v0992
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
GC Sandilair's Razz M'Tazz
Jun 19 1988 3278-484914 v0890
Flame Point Himalayan
GC, RW Sandilair's Mere-R-Image
Aug 31 1988 3273-509839 v0891
Seal Point Himalayan
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