Pedigree of:
CH Music City's Tempest of Sycamore
(F) Sep 14 1968, 0107-004928 v103, Blue Persian
CH Dixi-Land Heritage of Music City
Jun 30 1964
0106-001576 v100
Blue Persian
CH Halcyon Dapper Dan

CH/ACA CH Dixi-Land Peggoty of Music City
Jul 10 1958
0107-000285 v89
Blue Persian
CH Khyber's Boris II of Dixi-Land
Jul 10 1940
22-SB-838 v24
Blue Persian
CH Barbe Bleue Ahoy of Laguna
May 2 1938 20-SB-814 v22 / ACA 14831
Blue Persian
Santa Maria of Khyber
Mar 24 1939 21-SB-529 v23
Blue Persian
CH Eirlys of Allington of Dixi-Land
May 11 1955
93-SB-659 v84
Blue Persian
Gwynn of Allington
Aug 12 1949 GCCF 52308 v10
Blue Persian
Roslyn of Allington
Jul 23 1951 GCCF 58677
Blue Persian
Wimauma Waltztime of Music City
Apr 17 1966
0107-002630 v99
Blue Persian
Wimauma Mark

DCH Wimauma Amity of Bean Ridge
Jun 10 1962
0107-000986 v94
Blue Persian
CH/CFF DCH Wimauma So Big of Zoda
Jul 1 1956
92-SB-463 v87
Blue Persian
CH/DCH Texas Valiant Prince of Lynwood
Jun 20 1951 56-SB-138 v56 / ACA 26756
Blue Persian
CH Nigrette Dark Eyes of Wimauma
May 9 1953 78-SB-613 v78
Blue Persian
CH Wimauma Amaryllis
May 30 1956
91-SB-152 v87
Blue Persian
Wimauma Ace of Wilshire
Sep 13 1954 79-SB-078 v79
Blue Persian
Wimauma Elf
Jun 28 1954 79-SB-082 v79
Blue Persian
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