Pedigree of:
Madame Nu's Gigolo of Snowpaw
(M) Nov 6 1975, 0194-001471 v109, Black CPC
CH Saxon Roustabout of Riverwyck
Mar 27 1973
0178-000492 v106
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Amira's Fire T'Go
May 17 1971
0178-000301 v104
Flame Point (really cream point) Himalayan
CH Ambih's Togo of Amira
Sep 6 1968
0176-000409 v101
Blue Point Himalayan
GC Chestermere Chen-Soo
Jan 14 1963 0176-000058-PR3 v98 / ACFA H02-S63-1874
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Ambih's Blue Keilla
Oct 8 1966 0177-000283 v100
Blue Point Himalayan
Emin-Dale's Thai-Tu
Sep 23 1968
0195-000172 v102
Blue-Cream CPC
CH Emin-Dale's Maya
Jul 6 1967 0172-000711 v100
Seal Point Himalayan
Jeanine's Laverne of Shadyhims
Jun 1 1963 0193-000027-PR1 v98
Tortoiseshell CPC
Sauve Luci
Aug 17 1971
0195-000832 v105
CH Grandyl Flambeau
May 15 1970
0178-000168 v103
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Sar-An Hansel of Grandyl
Jun 18 1968 0172-000813 v101
Seal Point Himalayan
Grandyl Sarah
Aug 31 1969 0195-000263 v102
Blue-Cream CPC
Patchy of Sauve
Tortoiseshell Persian
Mi Dream Boy
Blue Persian
Mi Apatchy Rose
Tortoiseshell Persian
GC Phoenician Bur Sa'id of Khaszar
May 17 1971
0151-004846 v105
Blue-Cream Persian
GC Desert Cove's Sandstorm
Sep 2 1969
0114-002867 v102
Cream Persian
CH Wil-O-Rose Runabout of Desert Cove
Cream Persian
GC Simbelair Billy The Kid
Copper-Eyed White Persian
CH Rodabi Cream Puff of Wil-O-Rose
Nov 4 1965 0115-000936 v99 / CFF 15F-31538 v34
Cream Persian
Desert Cove's Tammy Shanter
Blue-Cream Persian
CH/ACA TCH Blue-Sky Bell Boy of Desert Sky
Apr 6 1961 0106-000629 v94 / ACFA P12-S62-2343
Blue Persian
CH Suncrest's Peaches of Desert Sky
Cream Persian
CH Dunhowa's Indigo of Phoenician
Jun 14 1969
0107-004946 v103
Blue Persian
CH Shawnee Blue Monday of Dunhowa
Mar 27 1964
0106-001652 v98
Blue Persian
GC, NW Beamsley Sunshine of Gaylands
Aug 7 1959 0114-000159 v92 / GCCF 72405 v12
Cream Persian
GC Shawnee White Wash
Jun 22 1961 0103-000899 v93
Copper-Eyed White Persian
Skyway's Katy-Did of Sherdon
Jun 20 1964
0103-001266 v97
Copper-Eyed White Persian
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