Pedigree of:
Heavenly's Pakula Shara
(F) , 0195-002700, Tortoiseshell CPC
Purring Lane's Mohegan
CH Purring Lane Nava-Jo
Jun 27 1971
0178-000309 v104
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Emin-Dale's Red Ghetti
May 13 1970
0178-000187 v103
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Emin-Dale's Polybius
Jan 7 1968 0172-000726 v102
Seal Point Himalayan
Emin-Dale's Pretty Kitty
Jan 7 1969 0193-000296 v102
Tortie Point Himalayan
CH Sa-So's Orange Sherbet
May 7 1970
0179-000074 v103
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Jeanine Spring Frolic of Sa-So
0178-000129 v102
Flame Point Himalayan
Jeanine's Sunshine Kake
Jul 16 1968 0195-000124 v109 / H100F1-45631
Cream CPC
Purring Lane's Sun-Streak
Tortoiseshell CPC
Tailspin Lan-Ser of Sobaka
Oct 3 1970
0172-001669 v104
Seal Point Himalayan
GC Tailspin's Astro of Marcae
Oct 9 1968 0172-000944 v102
Seal Point Himalayan
Nevah-Tep's Winnie of Tailspin
Jul 16 1968 0173-000897 v102
Seal Point Himalayan
Wineta's Migonette
Feb 1 1970
0115-002321 v103
Cream Persian
Casto's Arisha Chenukova
Seal Point Himalayan
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