Pedigree of:
CH Foxy Bits-Of-Chocolate Inside!
(F) Jul 12 1993, 3273-868658 v0794, Seal Point Himalayan
CH Cornwallis Show Boat of Foxy
Apr 10 1992
3270-812572 v0993
Chocolate Point Himalayan
Cornwallis Bounty
GCCF CS 138692-1363
Chocolate Point Himalayan
EngCH Anneby Thumper
GCCF CS 084248-1364
Lilac Point Himalayan
Cornwallis Fantasia
GCCF NS 294311-1363
Chocolate Point Himalayan
Sharaya Dusty Bluebells
GCCF CS 017029-3
Blue CPC
EngCH Surroma Blueprint
GCCF NS 209208-3
Blue CPC
Sharaya Lilac Ribbons
GCCF NS 261338
Chocolate Point Himalayan
CH Fullmoon Kiss Me Again! of Foxy
Mar 15 1992
3277-777474 v0993
Blue Point Himalayan
GC Twinshire's Sonofabits of Fullmoon
Feb 24 1988
3272-456601 v0489
Seal Point Himalayan

GC Frenchcreek Abit Above of Twinshire
Apr 15 1986
3296-342996 v0587
Cream Point Himalayan
GC Twinshire Snap Shot of Sangralee -
May 22 1984 3276-237126 v0885
Blue Point Himalayan
Twinshire Katrinka of Pentagram
May 22 1984 3289-267197 v1285
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
CH D'Purr Gloria of Twinshire
Oct 18 1983
3273-187823 v1185
Seal Point Himalayan
D'Purr Nightlife
Apr 29 1981 0194-083793 v0581
Black CPC
D'Purr Tiny Tears of Twinshire
0195-066341 v0583
Tortoiseshell CPC
CH Kitili Centerfold of Fullmoon
Sep 8 1988
3007-498223 v0690
Blue CPC
GC, BW, NW Khaszar's Tommie-B-Good 
BW: 1985-86

May 14 1984
3276-213546 v0586
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Westpoint Brigadier of Thesaurus DM
DM earned 2-25-1989

Aug 1 1978 0176-005116 v112
Blue Point Himalayan
GC Khaszar's Buttons And Bows
Oct 30 1979 0173-012343 v0782
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Ronlyn Roxanne of Kitili
Nov 11 1987
0151-445123 v1088
Blue-Cream Persian
GC South Paw C 3 P O of Sheirkahn
Aug 6 1986 0102-356424 v0388
Copper-Eyed White Persian
CH Ronlyn Tatiana
Nov 29 1984 0111-246384 v0388
Red Persian
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