Pedigree of:
Fan-C Full Deck of Myshadows
(M) Jun 15 1979, 0194-002958 v112, Blue CPC
GC, NW Jo-Le's Vida Blue of Myshadows
Mar 7 1977
0106-011872 v111
Blue Persian
GC Misty Mornin' Conquest DM
Mar 23 1970
0108-003221 v103
Black Persian
CH Catalot's Quest of Shadowlake
Jul 31 1968 0108-001986 v102
Black Persian
GC Serbs Black Gold of Misty Mornin'
Sep 27 1966 0109-001254 v103
Black Persian
GC Jo-Le's Mysdeal DM
Jul 12 1972
0147-004210 v107
Tortoiseshell Persian
GC Sundown's Little Joe of Jo-Le
Apr 18 1970 0108-002054 v103
Black Persian
CH Wineta's Penny Lane of Jo-Le
Feb 6 1969 0115-001920 v105
Cream Persian
GC Fan-C Foxy Blue Lady
Dec 15 1977
Blue Point Himalayan
- Furtado Hodge Podge of Ren-Sim
Blue CPC
GC Ren-Sim's Guy of Furtado
May 15 1971 0176-001139 v105 / CFF 43M2-43326
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Di-Or's Fuzzy Pants

Ren-Sim Little Girl Blue of Fan-C
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Ren-Sim's Little Man
Nov 23 1971 0172-001997 v105 / ACFA HOS-S72-096
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Marlofra Tiki of Ren-Sim
Dec 28 1969 0173-001759 v103 / ACFA HOS-S70-1943
Seal Point Himalayan
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