Pedigree of:
GC Fairvilla Little Soot of Jo-Ni
(M) Sep 13 1963, 0108-000593 v97, Black Persian
GC, NW Vel-Vene's Voo Doo of Silva-Wyte COTY
Jul 2 1956
94-SB-463 v87
Black Persian
GC, NW Lavender Liberty Beau COTY
Aug 15 1945
34-SB-213 v34
Blue Persian
GC Lavender Liberty
Jun 28 1942
24-SB-606 v26
Blue Persian
CH Lavender Chu Chu
Jun 13 1931 14-SB-516 v16
Blue Persian
Laughton Delphine
Jul 14 1936 17-SB-710 v19
Blue Persian
Lavender Firelight
Jul 30 1941
23-SB-708 v25
Blue Persian
CH Laughton Firefly
Oct 13 1935 17-SB-712 v19
Blue Persian
CH Chu San of White Birch
Jun 28 1938 19-SB-666 v21
Blue Persian
CH Longhill's Black Velvet
Aug 10 1954
87-SB-254 v83
Black Persian
CH Barbe Bleue Harmony Dargelo
Jul 4 1949
71-SB-764 v71
Black Persian
GC Pied Piper of Barbe Bleue
Jul 30 1945 28-SB-605 v29-30
Black Persian
CH Harmony Black Mitzi
Jan 1 1945 71-SB-763 v71
Black Persian
Longhill's Susannah
May 25 1952
63-SB-748 v63
Blue Persian
CH Periwinkle White Christmas
Sep 24 1944 28-SB-853 v30
Copper-Eyed White Persian
Rosedere Blue Puff of Ru-Ling
Jan 1 1946 38-SB-419 v38
Blue Persian
CH Fairvilla Miss Kathie O'Day
Dec 18 1960
0147-000290 v93
Tortoiseshell Persian
CH Castilia Sun Mist of Fairvilla
Jul 17 1958
0114-000051 v88
Cream Persian
CH Purri-Isle Kyria of Silver Moth
Jun 8 1953
72-SB-232 v72 / ACFA P12-S55-361
Blue Persian
Wimauma Kevin of Purri-Isle
Apr 27 1950 49-SB-793 v49 / ACFA P12-S55-362
Blue Persian
CH Wimauma Christine of Purri-Isle
May 20 1952 61-SB-177 v61 / ACFA P12-S55-364
Blue Persian
CH Castilia Lady Gae of Pineholme
Jul 5 1956
94-SB-178 v84
Cream Persian
CH/DGC Burque-Lee Creme De La Creme
Aug 1 1951 60-SB-164 v60 / ACFA P15-S55-1569
Cream Persian
CH Fiddler's Green Adventuress
Apr 27 1954 84-SB-109 v83
Blue-Cream Persian
Shawnee Cloisonne of Fairvilla
Dec 27 1958
0147-000092 v88
Tortoiseshell Persian
CH Shawnee Applauds of Hadleigh
Mar 27 1957
58-752 v86
Blue Persian
Nor-Mont Wycliffe Blue Breeze
Aug 17 1952 72-SB-614 v72
Blue Persian
CH Shawnee Finale of Robsway
Jan 1 1955 58-447 v84
Blue Persian
Shawnee Masked Raider
May 28 1954
79-SB-947 v79
Tortoiseshell Persian
GC Longhill's Red Treasure
May 29 1948 38-SB-113 v38
Red Persian
CH Shawnee Masquerade
Jun 30 1951 64-SB-752 v64
Tortoiseshell Persian
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