Pedigree of:
GC Degentilly's Song-O'-Love!
(M) Jan 3 1994, 3272-919280 v0495, Seal Point Himalayan
GC Degentilly Plaisir D'Amour
Jan 18 1992
3272-776448 v0194
Seal Point Himalayan
Thesaurus Tailspin of Degentilly
Jun 11 1990
3276-684843 v1091
Blue Point Himalayan
Thesaurus' Sweet Dreams of Katron
Mar 24 1987
3276-409193 v0888
Blue Point Himalayan
Thesaurus Creme De La Creme
Oct 3 1982 0194-181599 V0484
Cream CPC
Stronghold Hi Hopes of Thesaurus
Blue Point Himalayan
Thesaurus' Symphony of Kittystone
Jun 28 1987
3051-410351 v1288
Blue-Cream CPC
GC Thesaurus' Barney Google of Jama
Jun 12 1985 3272-276229 v0987
Seal Point Himalayan
Thesaurus Harmony
Mar 31 1984 3015-235159 v0486
Cream CPC
Macska Samantha of Degentilly
Aug 19 1990
3009-683425 v0692
Black CPC
CH Pironti Blue Jeans of Shars Run
Aug 30 1988
0106-493339 v1289
Blue Persian
GC Pironti Atom
Aug 24 1985 0108-308495 v0987
Black Persian
Marcus Surprise of Pimms
Apr 8 1985 0151-259401 v1087
Blue-Cream Persian
CH Cactusway's Lucky Lottery of Macska
Jun 12 1988
3249-498941 v0789
Chocolate Tortie Point Himalayan
GC Cactusway's Chocolate Jackpot
Jan 17 1987 3270-380831 v0788
Chocolate Point Himalayan
Parolen's Split Image of Cactusway
Chocolate Tortie CPC
Sensenau Yuki San of Degentilly
Jul 30 1992
3277-847027 v0494
Blue Point Himalayan
Pinkparadise Whisky of Kariston
0056-827912 v0493
Chocolate Lynx Point Himalayan
Albas Able Ambassador
LOH 27554/ZB 163823
Blue Point Himalayan
Tyringa Tam-Oshanter
GCCF 260256
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
Samoto Sweet Sophie
GCCF CS 030783
Blue Point Himalayan
Sixpence Von De Sensenau
LOH 30527
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
Fabuloso De-F
RIEX 9748
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
Rosettli von Cha-Mau
LOH 24689 / DEKZV 138995
Blue Point Himalayan
Minatout Point Virgule
Blue-Cream CPC
GC Virgule Indigo
Jul 19 1989
3276-587521 v0191
Blue Point Himalayan
GC Madame Nu's Face Value of Ky'Sato
Jun 11 1986 3296-333419 v0688
Cream Point Himalayan
CH Virgule Arianne of Ky'Sato
Blue Point Himalayan
Virgule Marie-Fee of Minatout
Tortoiseshell CPC
Virgule Esteban
Black CPC
Tripot Franfreluche of Virgule
3051-587520 v0190
Blue-Cream CPC
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