Pedigree of:
Catley Crue JJ's Snuggle With Me
(F) Aug 19 1997, 3027-927671, Blue-Cream Smoke CPC
CH Catley Crue's I'm A Girl Watcher
Apr 18 1992
3296-786959 v0894
Cream Point Himalayan
CH Copykittens Red Hot Tamali
Mar 21 1990
3010-680213 v0392
Desiderata's Riunite of Twinrohdes
Sep 21 1985 3278-298550 v0192
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Copykittens Rosie Robin
Dec 25 1988 3041-539536 v0690
Red Tabby CPC
Catley Crue's Flopsy Mopsy
Jan 15 1991
3293-773654 v0892
Tortie Point Himalayan
Sandypaws I Love Country Music
Jun 11 1989 3272-594848 v1290
Seal Point Himalayan
Catley Crue Chi Chi Lacream
Cream Point Himalayan
Catley Crue's Spider Monkey
Jun 25 1991
Black Smoke Persian
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