Pedigree of:
Beverley Pajun of Chestermere
(M) Jun 25 1969, 0174-000024 v103 / CCA 180377, Lilac Point Himalayan
Beverley Sir Ringa
GCCF 116 5841 SR 26LP
Lilac Point Himalayan
Briarry Zoel
Apr 11 1965
GCCF SR 131831 v15
Seal Point Himalayan
Briarry Zoltan
May 3 1959
GCCF 96429 v15, SB#6398
Seal Point Himalayan
Briarry Valparago
May 15 1957 GCCF SR 86570 v13
Blue CPC
EngCH Briarry Zahrat
Aug 5 1953 GCCF 68369 v14
Seal Point Himalayan
Briarry Kelsa
GCCF SR 100104
Seal Point Himalayan
Kala Sabu
Jul 18 1949 GCCF 52453-1
Black CPC
Gadeford Kelpie
GCCF 86414
Blue CPC
Briarry Elaine
GCCF 134152
Black British Shorthair
Briarry Bruno
May 9 1960
GCCF SR 99766
Chocolate CPC
Gadeford Bagheera
GCCF SR 93640 v29
Chestnut Brown CPC
Briarry Ffrolic
Sep 27 1949 GCCF SR 52486 26
Blue-Cream CPC
Mingchiu Melania
GCCF 100352 SR
Black British Shorthair
Beverley Sally
GCCF 134359 SR 3
Blue CPC
Briarry Valparago
May 15 1957
GCCF SR 86570 v13
Blue CPC
EngCH Thiepval Paragon
May 17 1953
GCCF 65353 SB#5089 v14
Blue Persian
EngCH Baralan Boy Blue
Jul 2 1947 GCCF 40752 SB#3294 v9
Blue Persian
EngCH Thiepval Enchantress
Jun 7 1948 GCCF 41849 v11
Blue Persian
Briarry Bizbod
Mar 29 1955
GCCF SR 75668
Seal Point Himalayan
Briarry Abu Hett
Jun 4 1951 GCCF SR 58355
Seal Point Himalayan
Briarry Ffanda
Sep 27 1949 GCCF SR 52485
Tortoiseshell SH CPC
Terribon Lucilla
GCCF 112339
Blue Point Himalayan
Briarry Pruno
GCCF 112015
Briarry Trella
GCCF SR 112016
Seal Point Himalayan
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