Pedigree of:
CH Arbest Butn Your Lip of Catley Crue
(M) , 3272-930047, Seal Point Himalayan
GC, GP Thesaurus Calvin Klean of Rainyday
Jul 17 1989
3010-596009 v1090
CH Thesaurus Flame-Boy-Ant
Feb 26 1988
3278-478566 v1190
Flame Point Himalayan
GC, PR Thesaurus' Wee Willie Winkle
Jan 17 1987
3276-381620 v0488
Blue Point Himalayan
Thesaurus' Crescendo
Oct 15 1982 0176-139498 v1183
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Thesaurus' Juicy Lucy
Dec 5 1983 0177-190164 v1086
Blue Point Himalayan
Newwave's Cinderella
Jul 31 1982
0195-139497 v0485
Tortoiseshell CPC
CH Cambay Hot Rocks
0196-151431 v0983
Cream Point Himalayan
Newwave's Quandee
Tortoiseshell CPC
GC Riverbend's Pati of Mystes
Aug 31 1986
0115-353969 v0189
Cream Persian
Riverbend's Pac-Man
Feb 25 1982
0114-105777 v0384
Cream Persian
CH Riverbend's Darth Vader
Apr 9 1980 0108-009682 v0482
Black Persian
Riverbend's Gibson Girl
0151-014882 v1281
Blue-Cream Persian
Dreamweaver's Lisa of Riverbend
Nov 11 1984
0151-242554 v1186
Blue-Cream Persian
CH Freis-Cream Lil Jack of Lucki-Lins
Jun 2 1981 0108-082241 v0483
Black Persian
CH Dreamweaver's Lorellie
0151-176491 v0285
Blue-Cream Persian
GC Drawnto My Beginning of Arbest
Oct 9 1992
Seal Point Himalayan
GC Cacao High Hopes of Drawnto
Oct 3 1989
3008-624971 v0691
Black CPC
GC Cacao Miracles Still Happen
Sep 14 1987
3008-430178 v0689
Black CPC
GC Mystichill Miracle of Meadowood DM
Oct 15 1979 0110-005512 v0381
Red Persian
GC Cacao Prelude
Aug 28 1986 3273-363293 v0188
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Cacao Pointed Lady of Leebeck
Jul 22 1987
3293-430165 v0789
Tortie Point Himalayan
GC Cacao Pointless of Montesol
Jun 16 1986 3014-341195 v0188
Cream CPC
Cacao Confetti
Jul 28 1982 0193-130757 v0684
Tortie Point Himalayan
CH Kimberkedi's Brown Sugar of Drawnto
Mar 28 1989
3273-552807 v1090
Seal Point Himalayan
Mistylo's Rockin With Rhythm
Jun 12 1986
Blue CPC
Minnehaha Medicine Man of Mistylo
Blue Persian
CH Mistylo's When You Wish Upon A Star
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
CH Kimberkedi's Shadow Dancer
Dec 21 1987
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Bonnivier Jim Dandy of Mapletree
Jul 30 1986 3272-343468 v0987
Seal Point Himalayan
Kaplumbaga Kedi
Tortie Point Himalayan
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