Pedigree of:
GP Doralin's Lilibet
(F) Aug 25 2007, 3261-1621932, Flame Lynx Point Himalayan
CH Doralin's Super Trooper
Jun 27 2004
Flame Point Himalayan
Careyata's Eclipse-Of-The Heart
May 24 2002
3272-1409989 v0104
Seal Point Himalayan
GC Careyata's Lover Boy
Jun 28 1999
3276-1266113 v0302
Blue Point Himalayan
GC Teahs Frostbite of Belvil
Aug 4 1997 3276-1156639 v0499
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Juky Olen Anna of Kurtn Klimer
Mar 12 1998 3273-1202833 v1099
Seal Point Himalayan
GC Canuck's Pitter-Patter of Careyata
Jan 19 1998
3273-1175383 v0899
Seal Point Himalayan
GC Careyata's Finish Line of Canuck
Aug 25 1996 3272-1089447 v0897
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Canuck's Zippity-Do-Da
Mar 8 1996 3273-1054713 v0697
Seal Point Himalayan
Aegaeon Drawing The Line of Doralin
Mar 20 1998
Brown Patched Tabby CPC
CH Twinshire California Dreamer
Mar 10 1991
3014-693958 v0593
Cream CPC
GC Twinshire Hooley Booley
May 24 1989 3008-565329 v0890
Black CPC
GC, BW, NW KJs Miss Abits of Twinshire 
BW: 1989-90

Dec 26 1988 3297-514471 v0890
Cream Point Himalayan
Ricton Oodles-Of-Doodles of Aegaeon
Aug 28 1995
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
GC Ricton's Banded Genesis
Jun 10 1993 3252-861702
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan
Ricton Babbett
Jul 31 1993 3277-1007578
Blue Point Himalayan
Doralin's Mary Poppins

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