Pedigree of:
GC, BW, NW Dopats Angelic 
BW: 1984-85
(F) Dec 28 1983, 0173-199390, Seal Point Himalayan
Dopats About Time
Black CPC
Dopats Striker
Black CPC
CH An-Ju Matador of Currle Cats
Red Persian
An-Ju Cinnamon
Red Persian
Sahara's Sheba of An-Ju
Tortoiseshell Persian
CH Ren-Sim Yvette of Dan-Rob
Nov 16 1972
0173-003428 v106
Seal Point Himalayan
GC Ren-Sim's Shai
May 14 1969 0176-000518 v103 / ACFA HO2-S69-4200
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Marlofra Tiki of Ren-Sim
Dec 28 1969 0173-001759 v103 / ACFA HOS-S70-1943
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Dopats Playgirl
Apr 21 1980
0177-008917 v1282
Blue Point Himalayan
Badi Polaris of Himmy-Luv
Blue CPC
Badi Chu-Chu
Jun 25 1972 0172-003177 v106
Seal Point Himalayan
Badi Daisy Petal of Kjan
Apr 28 1976 0195-002657 v0382
Blue CPC
CH Dopats Centerfold
Blue Point Himalayan
CH Ren-Sim's Danny Boy of Dan-Rob
Feb 12 1976 0176-003513
Blue Point Himalayan
- Jac-Len Missie Mystic of Dopats
Apr 8 1976 0195-002827
Blue CPC
- Jac-Len Missie Mystic of Dopats
Apr 8 1976
Blue CPC
CH Hermosa April Sky of Jac-Len
Jul 4 1974
Blue Point Himalayan
Purring Lane's Robin-Redd
0194-000469 v105
Tailspin Lan-Ser of Sobaka
Oct 3 1970 0172-001669 v104
Seal Point Himalayan
Wineta's Migonette
Feb 1 1970 0115-002321 v103
Cream Persian
Jeanine's Nanushka of Holli-Hi
Apr 18 1971
0177-001275 v104
Blue Point Himalayan
Beau-Belle's Blue Secret
Jun 22 1969 0194-000205 v102
Blue CPC
CH Isis Von Der Rombachsburg
Mar 23 1969 0173-001279
Seal Point Himalayan
- Jac-Len Tweedle Dee
Tortoiseshell CPC
CH Heather Hill's Aquarius
Copper-Eyed White Persian
Merchant Sir Guy of Heather Hill
0102-002166 v100
Copper-Eyed White Persian
Heather Hill's Lorelei
0111-001157 v101
Red Persian
CH Hi-Me Diamond Girl of Jac-Len
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
CH Ren-Sim's Me Tu of Contiss
May 20 1972 0172-002477 v105 / ACFA HOS-S72-4631
Seal Point Himalayan
CH Purring Lane Baroness Ruby Ott
Jun 28 1972 0179-000172 v105
Flame Point Himalayan
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