Pedigree of:
CH Cacao Gia DM
DM earned 1-6-2007
(F) Jun 17 2002, 3047-1432201 v1003, Tortoiseshell CPC
GC Cacao Abercrombie DM
Sep 18 1999
0108-1286910 v1201
Black Persian
GC Paquita's Sun Rise of Cacao
Apr 4 1996
0110-1084187 v0997
Red Persian
GC South Paw "Son Of A Gun" of Paquita
Jul 19 1992
0110-826283 v0594
Red Persian
GC, NW South Paw Sunburst DM, COTY
May 25 1981 0110-071449 v0583
Red Persian
South Paw Floozie
Jul 6 1991 0147-725330 v1192
Tortoiseshell Persian
Paquita's Lady In Red
May 9 1994
0111-971436 v0995
Red Persian
GC South Paw "Son Of A Gun" of Paquita
Jul 19 1992 0110-826283 v0594
Red Persian
GC Paquita's Lollipop
Tortoiseshell Persian
CH Caliente Monnica of Cacao
Jun 23 1997
0147-1174684 v0200
Tortoiseshell Persian
CH, GP Woodspirit's Hobbes
May 8 1995
0110-1029505 v1196
Red Persian
GC Toshika's Dark Secret of Woodspirit
Black Persian
CH Woodspirit Out And About
Copper-Eyed White Persian
CH, PR Shalliboo Coquette of Caliente
Jan 28 1996
Tortoiseshell Persian
GC Woodspirit Cha-Ching of Shalliboo
Red Tabby Persian
Salliboo Whitney Houston
Black Persian
Kisan's Kilokilo Ke'ale
Dec 5 1999
3279-1297182 v0601
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Sulltans Sunrise Serenade of Kisan
Apr 30 1996
3278-1059963 v0898
Flame Point Himalayan
GC Cattrax Darby of Sulltans
Mar 29 1993
3040M-873772 v0995
Red McTabby CPC
GC Copacats Marque O'Zorro of Cattrax DM
Jun 7 1988 0108-481152 v0190
Black Persian
Sulltans Shop'N Bag of Cattrax
Mar 20 1989 3293-572929 v1291
Tortie Point Himalayan
Laureles Sunny Days of Sulltans
Oct 17 1993
3279-912696 v1295
Flame Point Himalayan
CH Sulltans Solar Power of Laureles
May 11 1992 3278-787131 v1093
Flame Point Himalayan
Blossomaire Sun Kissed
Tortoiseshell CPC
CH Teahs Frostina of Kisan
Jun 30 1997
3289-1162447 v0699
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
GC Teahs Frosty DM
DM earned 3-25-2000

Jan 13 1995
3000-986690 v0697
Blue-Eyed White CPC
CH Callyn's Winter-Eyes of Elshaddai
Sep 14 1993 3002-903660 v0595
Copper-Eyed White CPC
GC Teahs Good Golly Miss Molly
Dec 9 1992 3289-836547 v1294
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
CH Teahs Party All The Time
Jan 7 1996
3289-1066974 v1297
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
GC Teahs Show-Stopper of Nebsager
Apr 26 1994 3296-931155 v1095
Cream Point Himalayan
GC Teahs Its My Party!
Apr 6 1993 3289-851634 v0495
Blue-Cream Point Himalayan
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