CFA's Himalayan Grand Premiers, 1999-2000 season

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Cats listed in blue colored cells are males,
cats listed in pink colored cells are females.

1999-2000 - 39 Grands
Name Color Date Earned Photo Pedigree
GP Beau-Bruc's Rufus Blue Point 8-21-1999  
CH, GP By Day Material Girl Tortie Point 1-1-2000  
GP Cedarcliff's Johnny Limbo Flame Point 7-17-1999
GC, GP Cozy Sweet 'N Special Tortie Point 10-30-1999  
GP Cuddle-Paws Sun Kissed Flame Point 10-30-1999
GP Degentilly Coolatta of Kissncats Chocolate Point 7-31-1999  
GP Deverest Jazz Flame Point 2-26-2000  
GP Dragonfyre's Mudslide Seal Point 5-1-1999
GC, GP Euphoria's Obsession Seal Point 12-18-1999  
GP Famous I C Red Flame Point 8-14-1999  
CH, GP Impression's Chili Pepper Flame Point 2-5-2000  
GP K-Tee's Different Flavor Seal Point 1-8-2000  
GP Karabel's Dream Maker Flame Point 6-19-1999  
GC, GP Kissncats Chocolate Hugs Chocolate Point 12-4-1999  
CH, GP Kleawkla Daisy Seal Point 5-8-1999  
GP Kleawkla Frank Seal Point 1-15-2000  
GC, GP, RW Ktwo's St Helen Blue-Cream Point 2-12-2000  
GP Lake Hyco's Some Days Are Diamonds Seal Point 8-28-1999  
GP Le Club Fur Bodiddley Seal Point 8-14-1999
GP Le Club Fur Futura Seal Point 4-8-2000
GP Le Club Fur Pause For The Cause Flame Point 11-13-1999
GC, GP Montesol Sunkist Cream Point 6-5-1999  
CH, GP Peaceful Paws Dotted Line Seal Lynx Point 1-8-2000  
GP Playwickey's Romeo Seal Point 9-25-1999
GC, GP Prancenpaws Snoprincess Victorialee Cream Point 10-30-1999  
GP Purrpals Snapdragon Tortie Point 9-18-1999  
CH, GP Ristokat's Whimsical Toy Tortie Point 4-15-2000
GC, GP Sandypaws Mercedes Tortie Point 6-19-1999  
CH, GP Sangralee's Flim Flam Man Seal Point 11-6-1999  
CH, GP Sassipurrs Poet of Caru-Ma Blue Point 4-15-2000  
CH, GP Sogo's Mercedes Blue-Cream Point 12-4-1999  
CH, GP Sulltans Spin City Saint Flame Point 4-29-2000  
CH, GP Sunsetpalace Clarissa of Russwoods Blue-Cream Point 11-27-1999  
GP Teahs Frost Bound Cream Point 3-11-2000  
CH, GP Teahs Frosty's Kiss Blue Point 9-25-1999  
GP Teahs Frosty's Krystal Blue-Cream Point 10-23-1999  
GP Teahs Northern Frost Blue Point 3-25-2000  
GP Teahs Song-Of-My Heart Blue Point 4-15-2000  
GP Teahs Southern Frost Cream Point 10-23-1999  


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